Who We Are

 AGS members are glaucoma clinicians, surgeons, and scientists dedicated to improving the lives of people with glaucoma by advancing knowledge and care through education, research, advocacy, and leadership.


What We Do

Guided by the core mission of the American Glaucoma Society, the clinicians and scientists of the society strive to provide excellent and comprehensive care to patients with glaucoma in a collaborative manner in the community, academic and industry settings.  The AGS provides a collegial atmosphere for its members to exchange insights and ideas, with a common goal of conquering this blinding disease.  By diagnosing and treating patients with all forms of glaucoma, the glaucoma specialists provide their clinical observations to the scientists who are dedicated to understanding the disease mechanisms and in turn bringing the bench research to clinical.  Together with other health care organizations, the AGS serves as an important patient advocacy force to promote glaucoma awareness among policy makers and the general population.  Through those approaches, glaucoma patients receive better care and live a more productive life today.    


Our Members

Since the establishment of the Society, the number of members has increased from 13 founding members in 1985 to over 1300 today, from 17 countries, including members who are currently in glaucoma fellowship training, fellowship trained glaucoma specialists, and scientists active in glaucoma research. For all members who have a clinical practice, the minimum requirement is a one-year clinical fellowship in glaucoma after a 3-year residency training in Ophthalmology.  The AGS provides an excellent forum to its members through continuing education and other ample opportunities of collegial discussions on better care of the patients.