Instructions for Patient Glaucoma Eye Drop Restrictions

For patients to complain about glaucoma eye drop refill restrictions:

Call 1(800) Medicare (800 633-4227). 

You need your Medicare number, date of birth, and name of medication.

You will hear an automated response system.  Say or dial your Medicare number

There will be a prompt that asks you if you are dealing with a billing, claims, drug coverage problem, etc. Say, “drug problem”.  

You are then asked for your date of birth. After it confirms your date of birth, it confirms your prescription drug coverage or your supplemental insurance.  

The system will provide a number dealing with your drug coverage or supplemental insurance. Do not call that number yet. Instead you should stay on the line and say, “Agent”. After being on hold, a representative will pick up. The agent will ask you to confirm date of birth, name and address. The agent then will ask what the issue is. Tell them your experience. You should explain that you are not getting enough eyedrop medications and that you run out before the next refill is allowed.  Explain that your doctor has already tried dealing with the issue, but you are still being denied the medication. 

Click here to see the 2010 CMS Guidance document Early Refills