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Research Grants Made Possible By: The American Glaucoma Society Foundation

**Awards are given once to any given investigator in their category and one per institution**

Young Clinician Scientist Award

The Young Clinician Scientist Awards are targeted towards clinician scientists in glaucoma in the early stages of their careers. The goal is to encourage the development of young clinician scientists in glaucoma by providing funding for research projects within the first 5 years after graduation. This time period is critical for developing the skills necessary for a research career and establishing a track record of productivity. This is particular important for individuals with no other significant source of research funding.

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Mid Career Physician Scientist Award

To provide research funding for investigators between 5 and 20 years after fellowship, grants of up to $50,000 will be available. These grants are meant to allow mid-career investigators to initiate new research or continue ongoing research if no other sources of funding is available. Clinicians who do not have existing research support are encouraged to apply. The number of awards will be based on available funding from granting organizations. An investigator may only receive the Mid-Career Physician Award once.

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