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How to Start a College Essay About Yourself?

The basic problem all students face who have to write a personal essay is whether it is possible for them to come up with such an academic essay without sounding too egotistical. From one side, it seems like the easiest task to write about yourself in a write my essay but from the other side, it is the most difficult task.

While writing about yourself sometimes you don’t realize that you have praised yourself to the sky, or you just exaggerated things. And additionally, from time to time the personal essays even stick to the specific rules.

In this article, we will try to give some basic tips to start your college essay about yourself with a bang.



Start Earlier

The first thing that you should keep in mind is whenever you have to write a college essay, you should start writing your essay as early as possible. Begin writing during the summer before your senior year. So that you have plenty of time to write several drafts and the deadline doesn’t stress you. Take the pressure off.

Choose the Best Topic

Choosing the right topic is a very crucial task. Choose a topic which interests you the most, which you know a lot about, or a topic which is interesting as well as informative. Your topic is going to make the first impression, so make sure it is the best topic.

Topic Examples

If you don’t have a topic in your mind, you can get some ideas from our list of topics.

  • How I handled bullying at school
  • My early days at school
  • Homecoming
  • My first work experience
  • My first sports car
  • Learning English
  • The impact of my sister on my life
  • How I met my best friend
  • My biggest failure
  • How a book influenced my life

Avoid Sensitive Subjects

You definitely don’t want to offend your admission officer. It is always a good idea to avoid the sensitive topic, like:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Gender
  • Nationality or race
  • Income level

Find Inspiration

If you have no idea what information a personal essay should include about yourself, you may get inspired by other persons. It’s okay if you don’t have an amazing story or a rich experience to tell your audience. You can always get some inspiration from other people. You can get ideas from

  • College database of successful essays
  • Books
  • Internet blogs
  • Magazines
  • Social networks

How to Write the First Sentence of Your Essay?

The first statement of the essay should set up a situation for the write essay for me. It should be like a lush scene-setting that takes the audience to the place and time of the actual event happening. It should look like you are going to tell a story. Your essay should start with a killer sentence, a vivid, brief description that illustrates your eventual insight. Your first sentence can be:

  • A philosophical question
  • A confession
  • The random personal fun facts
  • The shocking image
  • A quote
  • A punchy short sentence with one grabby detail
  • A twist that creates certain expectations

Elements of Introduction Paragraph

An introduction paragraph of a personal essay should include the following elements:

  • Educational background
  • Life goals
  • Hobbies
  • Work background
  • Skills and knowledge

Skills Required

The following skills are required to write a good essay

  • Accurate spelling
  • Correct grammar
  • Accurate punctuation
  • Range of vocabulary
  • Imagination
  • Drafting
  • Planning
  • Linking
  • Correct layout
  • Good range of sentence structures
  • Communication
  • Proofreading

The Bottom Line:

The introduction should hook the readers and make them want to stay and read more. It should contain the following features:

  • A killer first sentence
  • 3-5 supporting points
  • A pivot to the bigger picture that gives the description of do my paper the experience has shaped you.

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