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The American Glaucoma Society Foundation was established in 2011. The AGSF is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco, California.

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Board of Directors

Dale K. Heuer, MD

Vice President
Donald L. Budenz, MD, MPH

Ronald L. Fellman, MD

Ronald L. Gross, MD

Members at Large
Joel S. Schuman, MD
Paula Anne Newman-Casey
Brian A. Francis, MD

Councilor to the AAO
JoAnn Giaconi, MD

Richard K. Lee, MD

Patient Care
Joshua D. Stein, MD

Carla J. Siegfried, MD

Education and Communication
Steven J. Gedde, MD

Bylaws and Strategic Planning
Kelly W. Muir, MD

Felipe A. Medeiros, MD

Past Presidents
David S. Greenfield, MD
Cynthia Mattox, MD

James D. Brandt, MD
Louis B. Cantor, MD - Director & Chair of the Advisory Board
Brian E. Flowers, MD
Lisa Fran Rosenberg, MD
Kuldev Singh, MD, MPH


Executive Vice President
Alan L. Robin, MD
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Ken Boyden, JD,EdD

Advisory Board Cover ImageAdvisory Board

The American Glaucoma Society Advisory Board is composed of world leaders in industry, entertainment, sports and medicine. View bios and photos of Foundation Advisory Board Members below.

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