Welcome to the Glaucoma Fellowship section, a dedicated hub designed to support educators and the next generation of glaucoma specialists.

We offer a wealth of resources related to glaucoma fellowship training. Our aim is to provide comprehensive educational materials to enhance the learning experience. By fostering a collaborative and educational environment, we empower fellows to refine their clinical and surgical skills, stay abreast of cutting-edge research, and build a strong foundation for a successful career as a glaucoma specialist.

Glaucoma Fellowship Requirements

Interested in Pursuing Glaucoma?

Join AGS YOGS leaders and AGS fellowship directors and view these informative webinars about glaucoma fellowship.

We know that there are different fellowship subspecialties available, and we want to offer a diverse perspective about what life is like as a glaucoma fellow and later as a specialist...
We’ll walk you through the basics of glaucoma fellowship, help prep for interviews, and learn the ins and outs of what to expect during fellowship and beyond.

Glaucoma Fellowship: All You Need to Know 2023

Glaucoma Fellowship: All You Need to Know 2022

Young Ophthalmologist Glaucoma Specialist (YOGS)

The American Glaucoma Society is proud to support its Fellow in Training, Provisional, and Early Career Active Members. We have a dedicated page just for YOGS!

YOGS Click Here

Young Glaucoma Specialist



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