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Young Clinician Scientist Research Awards

Encourages the development of young clinician scientists in glaucoma by providing funding for research projects within the first 5 years after graduation, a time period critical for developing the skills necessary for a research career and establishing a track record of productivity. With generous support from our donors, industry partners, and the American Glaucoma Society, the Foundation can support $40,000 research grant awards to Young Clinician Scientists.

2018 Recipients

Grace Richter

Grace M. Richter, MD, MPH | USC Roski Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California
Detecting Retinal Microcirculation Changes after Intraocular Pressure Reduction in Glaucoma

Qi Cui

Qi N. Cui, MD, PhD | Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Dysfunction in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Brian Song

Brian Song, MD | Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Glaucoma Detection in Diabetes Teleretinal Programs

Nathaniel Sears

Nathaniel C. Sears, MD | Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Iowa
Making and Characterizing a Hybrid Genetic / Experimental Mouse Model of Glaucoma

2017 Recipients

Jelia Angela An

Jella Angela An, MD | University of Missouri
“Combination Epigenetic-Genetic Therapy with SAHA and BMP7 Nanoconstruct to Prevent Short- and Long-Term Bleb Fibrosis after Glaucoma Filtration Surgery”

David Fleischman

David Fleischman, MD, MS | University of North Carolina
“Orbital and central cerebrospinal fluid pressure dynamics: A comprehensive investigation of retrobulbar pressure”

Milica Margeta

Milica Margeta, MD, PhD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
“Investigation of microglial molecular signature in glaucoma”

Luis E. Vazquez

Luis E. Vazquez, MD, PhD | Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
“Local Regulation of Retinal Vascular Smooth Muscle Tone and Ocular Perfusion”

2016 Recipients

Ian Pitha

Ian Pitha, MD, PhD | Johns Hopkins University
“Targeting Scleral Fibroblast Transdifferentiation for Glaucoma Neuroprotection”

Osamah J. Saeedi

Osamah J. Saeedi, MD | University of Maryland
“Autoregulation of Ocular Blood Flow: The Effect of Altering Ocular Perfusion on Erythocyte in a Non-Human Primate Model”

Paula Anne Casey Newman

Paula Anne Casey Newman, MD | University of Michigan
“A Counseling Training Program for Glaucoma Staff: Development and Preliminary Assessment”

2015 Recipients

Alex A. Huang

Alex A. Huang, MD, PhD | Doheny Eye Institute of UCLA Los Angeles, CAAlex A. Huang, MD, PhD | Doheny Eye Institute of UCLA Los Angeles, CA
“Structure and Function of Aqueous Humor Outflow”

Daniel B. Moore, MD

Daniel B. Moore, MD | University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
“A Randomized, Masked, Prospective, Comparative Pilot Evaluation of Postoperative Topical Tacrolimus on Ahmed Valve Surgical Success in Glaucoma Patients”

O’Rese J. Knight

O’Rese J. Knight | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Assessing Ocular Hemodynamic Response to Surgical Intervention in Glaucoma”

Mid-Career Physician Scientist Awards

Provides research funding for investigators between 5 and 20 years after fellowship, to allow mid-career investigators to initiate new research or continue ongoing research. With generous support from our donors, industry partners, and the American Glaucoma Society Foundation we can support $40,000 research grant awards to Mid-Career Physicians.

2017 Recipient

Katherine E. Bollinger

Katherine E. Bollinger, MD, PhD | Medical College of Georgia  
“Optic Nerve Head Astrocyte-Mediated Neuroprotection Occurs Through Sigma 1 Receptor”

2016 Recipients

Henry Tseng

Henry Tseng, MD | Duke Eye Center  
“Age-Related Autophagy Function in an Optineurin Mouse Model of Normaltension Glaucoma”

Ying Han

Ying Han, MD, PhD | University of California San Francisco
“A Novel Flexible Microfluidic Plate to Reduce Fibrosis in Glaucoma Surgery”

2015 Recipients

Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi

Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, MD | Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA – Los Angeles, CA  
“Intra-session Variability of Regional Macular Thickness Measurements”

Joshua D. Stein

Joshua D. Stein, MD, MS | Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
“Impact of Losartan Use on the Risk of Developing Open-angle Glaucoma”

Mentoring for the Advancement of Physician Scientists (MAPS)

A multi-faceted mentoring program fulfills the mission of the AGS by supporting early career glaucoma specialists and scientists by providing tools and resources to further their careers as potential leaders in the science, research and the specialty of glaucoma care.  The MAPS awards program was first initiated in 2007 and generously funded by Allergan. Today, Allergan is a prominent supporter of the program along with generous support from Cure Glaucoma Foundation and private donors.

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