Grants & Programs


Mid-Career Physician Scientist Awards

Provides research funding for investigators between 5 and 20 years after fellowship, to allow mid-career investigators to initiate new research or continue ongoing research. With generous support from our donors, industry partners, and the American Glaucoma Society Foundation we can support $40,000 research grant awards to Mid-Career Physicians.

Young Clinician Scientist Research Awards

Encourages the development of young clinician scientists in glaucoma by providing funding for research projects within the first 5 years after graduation, a time period critical for developing the skills necessary for a research career and establishing a track record of productivity. With generous support from our donors, industry partners, and the American Glaucoma Society, the Foundation can support $40,000 research grant awards to Young Clinician Scientists.

Grace Richter

Grace M. Richter, MD, MPH | USC Roski Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California
Detecting Retinal Microcirculation Changes after Intraocular Pressure Reduction in Glaucoma

Qi Cui

Qi N. Cui, MD, PhD | Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Dysfunction in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Brian Song

Brian Song, MD | Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Glaucoma Detection in Diabetes Teleretinal Programs

Nathaniel Sears

Nathaniel C. Sears, MD | Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Iowa
Making and Characterizing a Hybrid Genetic / Experimental Mouse Model of Glaucoma

Jelia Angela An

Jella Angela An, MD | University of Missouri
“Combination Epigenetic-Genetic Therapy with SAHA and BMP7 Nanoconstruct to Prevent Short- and Long-Term Bleb Fibrosis after Glaucoma Filtration Surgery”

David Fleischman

David Fleischman, MD, MS | University of North Carolina
“Orbital and central cerebrospinal fluid pressure dynamics: A comprehensive investigation of retrobulbar pressure”

Milica Margeta

Milica Margeta, MD, PhD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
“Investigation of microglial molecular signature in glaucoma”

Luis E. Vazquez

Luis E. Vazquez, MD, PhD | Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
“Local Regulation of Retinal Vascular Smooth Muscle Tone and Ocular Perfusion”

Katherine E. Bollinger

Katherine E. Bollinger, MD, PhD | Medical College of Georgia  
“Optic Nerve Head Astrocyte-Mediated Neuroprotection Occurs Through Sigma 1 Receptor”

Ian Pitha

Ian Pitha, MD, PhD | Johns Hopkins University
“Targeting Scleral Fibroblast Transdifferentiation for Glaucoma Neuroprotection”

Osamah J. Saeedi

Osamah J. Saeedi, MD | University of Maryland
“Autoregulation of Ocular Blood Flow: The Effect of Altering Ocular Perfusion on Erythocyte in a Non-Human Primate Model”

Paula Anne Casey Newman

Paula Anne Casey Newman, MD | University of Michigan
“A Counseling Training Program for Glaucoma Staff: Development and Preliminary Assessment”

Henry Tseng

Henry Tseng, MD | Duke Eye Center  
“Age-Related Autophagy Function in an Optineurin Mouse Model of Normaltension Glaucoma”

Ying Han

Ying Han, MD, PhD | University of California San Francisco
“A Novel Flexible Microfluidic Plate to Reduce Fibrosis in Glaucoma Surgery”

Alex A. Huang

Alex A. Huang, MD, PhD | Doheny Eye Institute of UCLA Los Angeles, CAAlex A. Huang, MD, PhD | Doheny Eye Institute of UCLA Los Angeles, CA
“Structure and Function of Aqueous Humor Outflow”

Daniel B. Moore, MD

Daniel B. Moore, MD | University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
“A Randomized, Masked, Prospective, Comparative Pilot Evaluation of Postoperative Topical Tacrolimus on Ahmed Valve Surgical Success in Glaucoma Patients”

O’Rese J. Knight

O’Rese J. Knight | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Assessing Ocular Hemodynamic Response to Surgical Intervention in Glaucoma”

Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi

Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, MD | Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA – Los Angeles, CA  
“Intra-session Variability of Regional Macular Thickness Measurements”

Joshua D. Stein

Joshua D. Stein, MD, MS | Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
“Impact of Losartan Use on the Risk of Developing Open-angle Glaucoma”