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AGS Cares

About the Program

AGS Cares is a public service program supported by the AGS Foundation that is dedicated to providing surgical glaucoma care at no cost to uninsured or under served patients who qualify for such care. The glaucoma care is provided by members of a national network of volunteers comprising glaucoma surgeons who are AGS active or provisional members. 

AGS Cares is designed to address a major unmet need for glaucoma care among U.S. patients with limited financial resources. The program connects such patients with volunteer surgeons who can provide the surgical and postoperative clinical care necessary to prevent disease progression and blindness. This is an opportunity for the AGS and glaucoma experts to give back to the community through a meaningful program that will be sustained with ongoing support by corporate sponsors and other donors to help cover some of the surgical-related costs.

The AGS Cares patient and physician enrollment and eligibility form is now available and accepting applicants. 

AGS Cares Physician Volunteers

To contact any of these physicians, look for their name in our ‘Find a Doctor’ search.

AGS Cares

"The AGS Cares process was smooth and efficient. It turned out to be a blessing to our patient.”
- Lydia R. Lane, MD, Little Rock Eye Clinic


  • Christopher A Girkin, MD, MSPH
  • Lindsay Anne Rhodes, MD
  • Kirk Alexander Sturridge, MD
  • Salwa Aziz, MD, MPH
  • Sunil Deokule, FRANZCO, MS, FRCS ED (OPHTH)


  • Lydia R Lane, MD
  • Christopher Lee, MD
  • Richard G Morshedi, MD
  • Andrew Freeman Perin, MD


  • George Baerveldt, MD
  • James D Brandt, MD
  • Jacob W. Brubaker, MD
  • Joseph Caprioli, MD
  • Jenny Chen, MD
  • Anne L Coleman, MD, PHD
  • Patricia SY Ferrell, MD
  • Brian A Francis, MD
  • JoAnn A Giaconi, MD
  • Ying Han, MD, PhD
  • Peter Joson, MD
  • John Kim, MD
  • Deborah Kim, MD
  • Daniel Krivoy, MD
  • Jennifer W Lee, MD
  • Xuan Le-Nguyen, MD
  • Richard A Lewis, MD
  • Shan C Lin, MD
  • Ting Ting Liu, MD
  • Jane V Loman, MD
  • Yvonne Ou, MD
  • Billy Pan, MD
  • Leon G Partamian, MD
  • Usha Rao, MD
  • Grace M Richter, MD, MPH
  • Sonja W Schluter, MD
  • Todd D Severin, MD J
  • Rigby Slight MD
  • Alfred M. Solish MD
  • Julia Song, MD
  • Robert L Stamper, MD
  • Rohit Varma MD, MPH
  • Aarthi B. Vinca, MD
  • Xiaoyan Zhang, MD, PhD


  • Micah W Rothstein, MD
  • Carl B. Tubbs, MD
  • Zachary Daniel Vest, MD
  • Joshua P Zastrocky, MD


  • Bruce Altman, MD
  • Geoffrey T Emerick, MD
  • Mirela Krasniqi, MD, MS
  • Peter E Libre, MD
  • James Thomas Murphy, MD
  • Timothea Ryan, MD
  • Martin C. Seremet, MD
  • Christopher Teng, MD

District of Columbia

  • Ramya N Swamy, MD, MPH


  • Analisa Arosemena, MD
  • Ramesh S Ayyala, MD
  • Courtney Bovee, MD
  • Ta Chen Peter Chang, MD
  • Mohammed K ElMallah, MD
  • Alana L Grajewski, MD
  • David S Greenfield, MD
  • Lawrence M Hurvitz, MD
  • Douglas A Kohl, MD
  • Alma Mas-Ramirez, MD
  • Regine Pappas, MD
  • Mohamed S. Sayed, MD


  • Allen Dale Beck, MD
  • Ninita Helen Brown, MD, PHD
  • Elma E Chang, MD, MA
  • Dana J Wallace, MD


  • Jeffrey Peterson, MD PHD
  • Troy M Tanji, MD
  • Michael Yim, MD


  • Evan Allan, MD
  • Jon Robert Fishburn, MD, FACS
  • Bradley A Hansen, MD


  • Melissa O Ajunwa-Bohonos, MD
  • Robert J Barnes, MD
  • Sachin Jain, MD
  • Gregory A Nelson, MD
  • Mildred M G Olivier, MD
  • Lisa Fran Rosenberg, MD
  • Angelo P Tanna, MD
  • Catherine T Thuruthumaly, MD
  • Jacob T Wilensky, MD
  • Ruth D. Williams, MD


  • Louis B Cantor, MD
  • Yara P Catoira-Boyle, MD


  • Anita Campbell, MD
  • Sara S O'Connell, MD


  • Ze Zhang, MD


  • Samuel P Solish, MD


  • Salman Ali, MD
  • Katherine Fallano, MD
  • David S Friedman, MD, MPH, PhD
  • Alyson L. Hall, MD
  • James M Heltzer, MD
  • Mona A. Kaleem, MD
  • Alan L Robin, MD


  • Amer Mosa Alwreikat, MD
  • Husam Ansari, MD, PhD
  • Manishi A. Desai, MD
  • Babak Eliassi-Rad, MD
  • James Wen-Chiang Hung, MD
  • Chandrasekharan Krishnan, MD
  • Mark A Latina, MD
  • Lisa McHam, MD
  • Jessica J Moon, MD
  • Claudia U Richter, MD
  • Nazlee Zebardast, MD, MSC


  • Mahdi Basha, DO
  • Joshua R Ehrlich, MD, MPH
  • Angela R Elam, MD
  • Sayoko E Moroi, MD, PHD
  • Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD
  • Manjool M Shah, MD
  • Aman K Shukairy, MD
  • Joshua D Stein, MD, MS
  • Richard Lee Watnick, MD
  • Jennifer Somers Weizer, MD


  • Elisabeth P Aponte, MD
  • Cheryl Lyn Khanna, MD
  • Thomas W Samuelson, MD


  • Jella Angela An, BSC, FRCSC, MD
  • Nancy Mary Buchser, MD


  • Russell James Swan, MD


  • Thomas A Graul, MD
  • Shane J Havens, MD


  • Peter W DeBry, MD
  • Kevin M Gamett, MD

New Jersey

  • Nahndi Bush, MD
  • Priya Desai, MD, MBA
  • Linda Yixiang Huang, MD
  • Yufei Tu, MD

New Mexico

  • Rachel Elaine Davis, MD

New York

  • Lama A Al-Aswad, MD, MPH
  • Karen M Allison, MD
  • Rajendra K. Bansal, MD
  • Dana M. Blumberg, MD, MPH
  • Ronald M Caronia, MD
  • John Danias, MD, PhD
  • Sai B Gandham, MD
  • Richard N Gordon, MD
  • Nalini A Madiwale, MD
  • Aleksandra Michalik, DO
  • Louis R Pasquale, MD
  • Paul Petrakos, DO
  • Nathan M Radcliffe, MD
  • Robert F Rothman, MD
  • Jonathan Schulhof, MD
  • Joel S Schuman, MD
  • Deepan Selvadurai, MD
  • Paul A Sidoti, MD
  • Steven T Simmons, MD
  • Regina M Smolyak, MD
  • Celso Tello, MD

North Carolina

  • Donald L Budenz, MD, MPH
  • Pratap Challa, MD
  • Robert Andrew Flores, MD
  • Divakar Gupta, MD
  • William L Haynes, MD
  • Leon W Herndon, Jr MD
  • Katherine I Ochsner, MD
  • Ann Shue, MD
  • Susan Maria Wakil, MD, FRCSC

North Dakota

  • Michael Greenwood, MD


  • N Douglas Baker, MD
  • John C Burchfield, MD
  • Robert Derick, MD
  • Eva DeVience, MD
  • Jonathan Eisengart, MD


  • Ben Jacob Harvey, MD


  • Beth E Edmunds, MD, PhD
  • Eliesa A Ing, MD
  • Paul Jorizzo, MD
  • Robert M Kinast, MD
  • Helen Koenigsman, MD
  • Steven L Mansberger, MD, MPH
  • J Kevin McKinney, MD, MPH
  • Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude, MD, PHD
  • Hana Lynn Takusagawa, MD
  • Shandiz Tehrani, MD, PHD


  • Fusun Cardakli, MD
  • Aaron Cohn, MD
  • Ian Patrick Conner, MD, PhD
  • Qi N Cui, MD, PHD
  • Elizabeth A Dale, MD
  • Mark A DiPillo, MD
  • Eve J Higginbotham MD
  • L Jay Katz MD
  • Natasha Nayak Kolomeyer, MD
  • Daniel Lee, MD
  • Donna Leonardo, DO
  • Anand V Mantravadi, MD
  • Eydie G Miller Ellis, MD
  • Marlene R Moster, MD
  • Jonathan S Myers, MD
  • Joseph M Ortiz, MD
  • Jody R Piltz-Seymour, MD
  • Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD
  • Michael J Pro, MD
  • Geoffrey P Schwartz, MD
  • Monisha Mandalaywala Vora, MD

South Dakota

  • John P Berdahl, MD
  • Adam Jeff Jorgensen, MD


  • Elliott M Kanner, MD, PHD
  • Ben B Mahan, MD
  • Paul B Pruett, MD


  • Michelle Butler, MD
  • Adam P Dossey, MD
  • Deborah R Eezzuduemhoi, MD
  • Matthew E Emanuel, MD
  • Robert M Feldman, MD
  • Ronald Leigh Fellman, MD
  • Brian E Flowers, MD
  • William J Flynn, MD
  • Mark J. Gallardo, MD
  • Davinder S Grover, MD, MPH
  • Azra Idrizovic, DO
  • Kalpana Kasala Jatla, MD
  • Arvind Neelakantan, MD
  • Silvia D Orengo-Nania, MD
  • Oluwatosin U Smith, MD


  • Alan S Crandall, MD
  • Michael John Lloyd, MD
  • Jason D Rupp, MD, PHD


  • Harold A Bernstein, MD
  • Noureen Khan, MD
  • Peter A Netland, MD, PHD


  • Michael R Banitt, MD
  • Howard Barnebey, MD
  • Jonathan W Briggs, MD
  • Bruce D Cameron, MD
  • Agnes S Huang, MD
  • Annisa L Jamil, MD

West Virginia

  • Manik Goel, MD
  • Ronald L Gross, MD


  • Yao Liu, MD


  • Anne E Miller, MD