AGS Cares is a new public service program of the AGS Foundation that is dedicated to providing surgical glaucoma care at no cost to uninsured patients who qualify for such care. The glaucoma care is provided by members of a national network of volunteers comprising glaucoma surgeons who are AGS active or provisional members.

AGS Cares is designed to address a major unmet need for glaucoma care among U.S. patients with limited financial resources. The program connects such patients with volunteer surgeons who can provide the surgical and postoperative clinical care necessary to prevent disease progression and blindness. This is an opportunity for glaucoma experts to give back to the community through a meaningful program that will be sustained with ongoing support by corporate sponsors and other donors to help cover some of the surgical-related costs.

The AGS Cares patient and physician enrollment and eligibility form is now available and accepting applicants.


“It really helped me out in a time of need, I’m very grateful”

- F. Machuca

AGS Cares Patient


“It was a very stressful time and with the help I received it took some of that stress away”

-C. Marrugo

AGS Cares Patient


“The ease of the application process and quickness of response has made timely and much needed surgeries possible”

-William J. Flynn, MD

AGS Member & Volunteer Surgeon


“The AGS Cares process was smooth and efficient. It turned out to be a blessing to our patient.”

     -Lydia R. Lane, MD

AGS Member & Volunteer Surgeon

View the enrollment form for details and requirements of the program.


AGS Physicians Sign Up to Volunteer Here

Even if you practice at an instiution that has its own charity program and does not allow you to accept AGS funds, you can still join our network of surgeons if you are able to accept patients in need of incisional glacuoma surgery who cannot afford this care on their own.