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Clinical Care Teaching (CCT) Modules

The CCT modules are a one page, two side educational handout about glaucoma care and treatment. These handouts support the mission of the American Glaucoma Society to promote excellence in the care of patients with glaucoma and preserve or enhance vision by supporting glaucoma specialists and scientists through the advancement of education and research.

2016: Angle Closure Glaucoma

Angle Closure Glaucoma

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Author: David S. Friedman, MD, MPH, PhD
Author: Varshini Varadaraj, MBBS, MS Ophthalmology, MPH

2016: Cyclophotocoagulation


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Author: Brian A. Francis, MD

2016: Uveitis


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Author: Kieth Barton, MD, FRCP, FRCS
Author: Jing Wang, MD, FRCSC, DABO

2015: Diagnostic Testing in Glaucoma

Diagnostic Testing

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Author: Felipe A. Medieros, MD, PhD
Author: Gustavo V. De Moraes, MD

2015: Pseudoexfoliation


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Author: Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD