AGS Annual Meeting

Claim CME

Claim Your CME Credits for 2019

You may claim a maximum of 23.75 CME Hours, and if you participated in the pre and post test for SACME, 8.5 hours of 23.75 may count towards Self Assessment CME.

The breakdown by day may assist you with entering your credits, but the CME reporting center requests that you enter the TOTAL number of credits to claim CME.

  • Thursday, March 14 - Up to 6.75 Hours
  • Friday, March 15 - Up to 7 Hours
  • Saturday, March 16 - Up to 6 Hours
  • Sunday, March 17 - Up to 4 Hours

Example: If you participated in the pre and post-test for SACME you may automatically claim 8.5 Hours of "SELF" and if you attended every day of the meeting except for Sunday, you can claim an additional 15.25 hours for a total of 21 hours.

Claim 2019 CME Credits